Atrus labeling the rocks in his collection numbers over dabs of white paint, then cataloging them in his notebook <3

Atrus labeling the rocks in his collection numbers over dabs of white paint, then cataloging them in his notebook <3

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Aaah look what I got in the mail!!

It’s beautiful, Heather, really beautiful. That extra chapter at the end is extremely well executed and I’m actually really glad you decided to depict that scene! Gehn is one of my favorite characters in anything and you’re bringing him across so clearly and effectively. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT VOLUME!!

(And you drew Cyan! And TUS! And they’re hanging out with little Atrus and Flame! This is the best thing ever. YOU are the best thing ever. XD)

Also I’m writing all this on my tablet and I can’t figure out how to link to Heather’s page, but I’m pretty sure her Tumblr name is either heatherlarkin or larkinheather… :-S

Heather Larkin's comic adaptation of #The Book of Atrusread it here and buy it here!

Ah, thank you for posting the link, I still haven’t had a chance to fix it on my desktop computer!

Thanks guys!! I’m so glad you like it, Artoveli! I’m really grateful for your help when I was first thinking of writing to Cyan. I’m glad for the chance to do a little something special for you! XD


We have exciting news to share!! Liz started a podcast called “People I Think are Cool.” Her first two episodes are up on iTunes and Podomatic. She will be posting new episodes every week. 

Ep. 1 is with animator Heather Larkin. Heather is an amazing talent with a beautiful style that reminds us of why we love cartoons!

Ep. 2 is with animal behaviorist Mary Huntsberry of Helping Pets Behave. We dive into how to pick the right pet for you and how she started her own business.

You can follow People I Think Are Cool on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. When we aren’t posting podcasts, we are constantly (but not TOO constantly) posting inspiring stories from people we admire. 

Guys! I’ve been interviewed! By my friend and amazing creator Liz, over at cuddlesandrage. She’s started a new podcast where she interviews People She Thinks Are Cool! I am honored to be first on the list! :0 

I’ve had this image in my head for a while now. A few times now, when @tchurn and I have gone to exercise at “nature’s gym” (an outdoor area with exercise stations), we’ve spotted a family of deer hovering near the edge of the park. It’s early and sun isn’t bearing down yet. They are so quiet, you almost don’t notice them at all. 

my art