"Devil Story" - Beat Boards

10 out of 28 images. Click here to see all 28 drawings.

I recently posted about a story I’m working on for my storyboarding class. I have class tomorrow and I’m going to be presenting my “beat boards”, which are these drawings that represent the major turns of the story. 

When I posted the story I got a lot of great comments that really helped me think about the story. I’m here again asking for your thoughts! 

So what I want to say is something like this: It’s about a devil father and his toddler son. The devil father is insecure about being a parent. At any cost, he wants to make his son happy. He tries to entertain him with devilish deeds. But the son just wants to do “nice” things. The father tries harder and harder to do things together and the son gets more and more unhappy. Until finally the father feels like maybe his son would be happier with a “nicer” crowd. But he realizes at the end that his son entertains himself and just wants his father’s company.

10 out of 28 images. Click here to see all 28 drawings.

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