Like a kid with her first lemonade stand, I’ve been giddy getting ready for SPX this weekend.

Last night I made a mockup of what my half-table would look like. It’s still a work in progress, but I took a picture. Picture #1 (I whited out my domestically neglected apartment in the background).

When people come by, they can look at my portfolio (which I recently sent to Pixar), pick up some free stickers and take cards to learn about my comics “The Seated Lady" and "Myst The Book of Atrus”, both of which you can read online.

 Also, for the FIRST TIME EVER, you can buy stuff from me! Here’s the scoop:

To buy: A5 Size Prints - 12 Unique Types
For these prints, I chose some of my favorite paintings over the last few years. Images includes colorful animals, biology nerdiness and Seated Lady highlights. There are 12 different images to choose from. Buy one or collect them all! :)

To buy: “Seated Lady - Part 1”
The Seated Lady is about a Victorian-era girl bored and ignored at her mother’s tea-party.   She actively escapes into her imagination, where she protects a castle town from villainous unicorns. When her unlady-like character comes under attack by the party guests can she keep her fantasy alive? [This book contains part 1. Still working on part 2!]

to buy: “Heather Larkin Artbook 2012” 
This book is a 66 page collection of my favorite paintings, project concept art, life drawings, sketchwork and silly doodles from the past few years. It includes many of the paintings I’m offering as prints. It also includes concept art from various story projects I’ve worked on like “Kanook,” “Myst:The Book of Atrus,” “En Passant,” and “Stripes.”

to buy: Sketches! 
I’m also making myself available to do sketches if anyone wants one. I’ll have paper, but if you want me to draw in your sketchbook, I’d be more than happy to do that too! 

You can also look at a copy of my “Myst the Book of Atrus” comic which includes all the pages completed to date. I’m still talking to Cyan about publishing it for reals, so I can’t sell it just yet. But this sample is thick with 93 pages of Myst-y goodness, so come and see it for yourself.

So if you’re walking around at SPX, I’d love for you to take a look at my stuff. Say hello! Take stickers! I imagine I’ll be walking around a bunch myself, while my trusty boyfriend mans my table. But I’ll try to wrap myself in “Lark Animation” stickers so I’m identifiable. 

Have fun at SPX everyone!


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