Hey guys. I hadn’t had any time to work on the myst comic the past two months plus (wow it’s been a long time). I started working on it again in the past two weeks. Then I recently got this comment on the comic site (by RHEE): 

waiting waiting waiting waiting

My poor mouse is getting worn out checking this page every day hoping there will be something new :( I don’t suppose there is a teaser of some sort you might be able to dangle above us? pretty please?

(seriously though, i know how life gets busy and so i will keep waiting and waiting :D 

<3 Feelings! RHEE, I really I appreciate your encouragement and gentle nudging. :) I sometimes get caught up in the conflict between working and posting my work. So I haven’t posted anything for a long time now. RHEE’s comment, combined with the fact that I like how this chapter is coming along, has inspired me to post some pictures.

In the pics you’ll see I’ve got the script (blurred to avoid spoilers). Then a big stack of drawings. To prepare, I draw A LOT.

First, I draw out all the action very roughly, like the general acting and expressions. Most of the pile is that. Next, I try to round up those actions into panels and pages. I’m at that stage now. Yesterday I was trying to lock down the first page of the chapter, and I was having a hard time choosing what camera angles to use. I finally decided on something and moved on to page 2. Phew. I think the rest will go faster. The first page sets the tone for the rest. 

There’s also a picture of a page with little yellow post-its on it. On each post-it, I write a simple idea that I might express in one or two panels. I write all the ideas I have in mind and then rearrange them, adding and culling where needed. The process has been helpful when I feel like I’m trying to balance too many ideas in my head at once (or doing “mental gymnastics”, as my Pixar storyboard instructor called it). 

There’s also a drawing of Gehn that I just liked. :) 

atrus comic gehn myst my art

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  2. sjerose said: You. Are. AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing your process with us! I also have been missing the Myst updates, but I’m (almost) perfectly content waiting if it means you’ll be creating art you’re proud of, and not feeling rushed about. :-) Thank you!!
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