Last night I was tired and tried to wind down for bed with some fig’r drawins. I bought this new book by Michael Hampton. 

Mostly everything I’ve learned about anatomy I’ve learned from books. In the past, I used to go cover to cover, making slow, meticulous copies of the all the example drawings. I felt like I had to memorize where every line should go. 

My new program for the past few years has been less thinking, more drawing. I try to make loose, sketchy copies, drawn at the same pace I usually draw at. My thinking is: By drawing at the same pace, I can subconsciously compare my old pattern of drawing with the new pattern. Eventually, my brain catches up with what my hands are already doing and I realize some cool new things.

For example, I’m really digging the way this guy draws knees. And torsos. And butts. Lots of Good stuff :) 

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